Welcome to the Altitude

Fashionaltitude was launched in March 2015, and it is the place for the fashion conscious and stylish woman who wants to know what she is buying and how to look stylish in any weather.

If you love fashion, are crazy about denim and have high standards for the clothing you wear, you are in the right place. The kind of information you will find on our site is: fashion inspiration, trend reports, fashion knowledge and how you can create the wardrobe of your dreams without mis-purchases.

The idea behind the blog was to create a place where fashion is not only about what item you own in your closet, but how to be stylish in your own way. What you can do to be more trendy and stylish while investing in good quality pieces that can be used for many years, and may even have a resell value.

Team of Fashionaltitude.com fashionblog

The Team

Best friends for over a decade who share interest in fashion, life, travel, beauty and dreams. We decided to combine our skills and talents and create a website where you can find inspiration, knowledge, hints and tips and enjoyment in beautiful things. The best part in our long friendship and combined blogging project is that we get excited over similar things and dream big. We want to have you with us for this ride. We would be delighted if you would sign up for the newsletter.

Nanna: Located in Helsinki. Personal style is classical, special interest in details that make a simple looking garment into something extraordinary. Has a Fashion Designer Degree from Helsinki Design School, Completed in 2014. Loves to design prints. Loves silk, satin and leather. Nanna is the blogs webmaster and stylist.

Mireille: Located in Paris, passion for fashion. Mireille is the Fashionista, she has extensive knowledge on fashion, the brands, history and trends. Her style is the driving force of Fashionaltitude. She loves luxurious materials and haute couture creations. Mireille has an MBA in International Purchasing.

Roxanne: Located in Paris. Graduate of a prestigeous Parisian Fashion Photography School. Photostyle: streetstyle. We love her energy and passion for fashion photography and her dedication to her art. She travels a lot all over the world.