Still Standing in Cozy Attire

In times of darkness such as those we live now in Paris, we need to see the light. A flickering light to make us see there is something good in this world. Where there is obscurity, the light shines the brighter…

Fashion may seem frivolous and shallow to many in dark hours.

But for me, fashion is one flickering light – not the only one…- because it screams beauty versus ugliness, creativity versus destruction, freedom versus domination, life versus death.

Today, this post is all about soft and cozy knits to cuddle in, and a faux-fur stole to wrap around. Muted tones to create harmony and peace.

The idea is to change only one single item in your outfit to create a different mood. As a basis of this look, I chose to associate a gray alpaca knit, a sand pink faux-fur stole from J.Crew with a pair of Miu Miu patent nude sandals. The last ingredient is either a pair of white ripped jeans or black leather pants.

Which one do you like best? Casual or rock style?

Selection of Cozy knits and faux fur stole

White Wool Sweater- Luxe

Grey Wool Sweater – Luxe

I Love this  « cocoon » version from the Belgian online brand June

Grey Wool Sweater – Budget

Grey Wool Sweater – Budget

This is the one I picked from J.Crew…gorgeous and warm

Faux Fur Stole


  1. This selection is beautiful!!!!!

  2. Chic pairing loving the bow 🙂

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