How to be Stylish, not Ghoulish during Halloween


Halloween is usually all about the costumes and the more ghoulish the outfit the better. But if you don’t always want to go totally crazy with the Halloween outfit, how should you dress while still keeping the spirit?

There is one style icon that comes to my mind  who depicts the spirit of Halloween. Can you guess who? Yes, you got it right, Its Morticia Addams from Addams Family. What I love about Morticia, is that she is the epitome of femininity, and has an absolutely gorgeous minimalist style.

Her favorite color is black, she keeps her hair in one style only, and has the most wonderful statement lipstick color. I think she and Coco Chanel would get along very well, after all, black is such a chic color to wear for any occasion.

For a Stylish, not ghoulish Halloween outfit, I would build it like this:

I would use black as the base color for everything else. Then choose either red of orange to accessorize and accentuate, and add a bit of white or grey depending on whats available in my closet or if I get really inspired with something in the shop.

Perfect materials for Halloween are velvet, leather, and lace. Velvet is luxurious and mysterious material that looks stylish by itself. Leather gives the outfit some edge, and lace can be used to give a spiderweb and feminine vibe.

Alexander McQueen has a lot of useful pieces for making a good Halloween look. His designs often have skulls and are perfectly edgy for a night of Halloween. Another one of my favorite designers that uses the skull motif is Zadig & Voltaire.

What’s your favourite Halloween inspired outfit?

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