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If Mireille has an obsession with stripes and leather, my obsession is love of shoes, design shoes. And I don’t simply mean shoes from iconic designer brands like Christian Louboutin and Manolo Blahnik. I love shoes that have character and something that other shoes don’t have. As an example I can give you the Mojito Shoe by Julian Hakes and the Finnish shoe brand Marita Huurinainen.

FashionAltitude_ WavebyMaritaHuurinainen2

I first saw her Wave shoe two years ago in a shop while visiting a friends summer house in central Finland, and I was immediately captivated. I had never seen a shoe made of wood like this. It was beautiful, it was flowing, and I was wondering how on earth could one walk on them comfortably, but I still fell in love with them first sight.


A year later I saw the Wave shoe in a shop in Helsinki, and I had the chance to try it on. And I was convinced that this was the best flip flop shoe I had ever worn. It was elegant, comfortable, beautiful, made from ecological material, and it was so unique!

I receive Marita Huurinainen newsletter and you can imagine my excitement when I read that they want to expand and grow their business by giving a chance to be the shareholder of this fantastic luxury fashion company. I am so excited to tell you about Marita Huurinainen, it is the only brand to use Wild, and sustainably sourced animal skins. Talk about taking the ecological and ethical factor to the highest level.

Please take a moment to watch their Fundedbyme campaign video and visit the campaign page to learn more about this unique luxury brand.


  1. Wow! These shoes are so unique and cute! I love how ecological they are! This is a huge plus


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