Spring, Prints and Fashion

Spring, prints and fashion go hand in hand!  Prints like flowers bloom in the fashion sphere. Actually, prints are a reoccuring theme. Showcased in streetstyle pictures, fashion weeks,  in magazine editorials , you can’t miss the prints trend.  The brighter, the better,  let’s celebrate spring with bold prints!.  Designers like Valentino, Marni (my favourite prints designer ever), MSGM, Kenzo, Carven…..to mention  only a few, as well as highstreet brands like Zara offer fresh and colourful designs : animals, butterflies, flowers…..There are endless possibilities. The best part of this trend is that prints add the extra umph to any monochrome look. While transitionning  from winter to spring,  a colourful printed scarf  with your (black, grey,..) winter coat will instantly lift up  both your outfit and your mood at the same time.

This being said, I have been “resisting” prints so far. Though I am a total fan when I see prints in action in streetstyles, I have been seating on a fence… for too long….

Yes, Paris is a capital of fashion but let’s face it,  what you see mostly on the streets, at the bakery to buy your baguette is  all black, navy and gray…It may feel uneasy to stand out of the crowd. This a question of confidence, I think.

But hey! A fashion blog is about self confidence and sass right? Exactly. I really want to embrace the bright and the new and push my style limits. So I will go for  prints this spring and summer. Here is a brand new addition to my closet: a Marni  tulip print top, versatile and fresh. It will be easy to pull off for a start. If only the weather got a little  warmer…:-). so, are you ready for prints?:-)

Flower print top: Marni here , budget Zara here and Topshop here

Les imprimés sont à l’honneur comme chaque année à l’arrivée du printemps!!. Impossible de les rater, ils sont partout dans les magazines, dans les photos de street style, à la fashion week. Les imprimés fleurissent dans la  sphère de la  fashion. Toutes les marques, depuis les designers jusqu’aux grandes enseignes proposent des imprimés, du plus frais au plus sophistiqué: animaux, papillons, fleurs chez Valentino, Marni, MSGM, Carven ou Zara.. Les imprimés donnent du style à une tenue monochrome. Tout spécialement, au moment du passage délicat de l’hiver au printemps, où on a envie de couleurs alors qu’il fait encore froid et gris.. J’adore les imprimés et pourtant au moment de passer à l’acte (d’achat), je résiste même si j’en ai très envie…enfin,  jusqu’à maintenant..Ok Paris est une capitale de la mode mais, au quotidien, on voit quoi, du noir, du gris, du bleu marine..pas forcément évident de sortir du lot…

Mais bon! un blog mode, c’est bien fait pour montrer son style, sortir de de sa zone de confort, non? Alors, voilà, c’est décidé, ce printemps, je vais porter de l’imprimé qui claque. D’ailleurs,  je me suis trouvée un top Marni avec des tulipes géantes et des rayures… du vert, du rose, de l’orange, ..(du noir..). Et vous, les imprimés, ça vous inspire?!!


  1. I totally agree with you about prints. I think they can make a boring outfit go from zero to hero immediately. That being said, I find myself a little timid when it comes to bold prints. Don’t get me wrong, I love them. But I get nervous I won’t be able to pull them off. However, the people in these pictures are doing them right!! Love your blog, my dear. 🙂



    • Thank you for your comment, Sam! I really appreciate:-). I am also a bit timid about prints but I really want to give a try. The sun was bright and warm today so prints time is on. I will soon post an outfit on the blog and Instagram with my new top.
      Thank you for visiting my blog. This is great. I am really touched xo. Mireille

  2. I took a leap of faith with prints and purchased a floral print dress from Karen Millen last week to a wedding I attended. It was a big success! I got so many comments that it was really beautiful dress and that it made me shine. Those things were nice to hear! I am also a bit timid with prints on my clothes, but I have already started to buy bags with prints. So getting there. And these flowery prints from Marimekko and Vera Bradley are a nice touch of colour after the long winter!

    • Hey Nanna, I am so glad you received nice comments about the print dress! this is awsome;-)! I feel about prints like being reborn, a new me with new ways of expressing myself!

  3. Love prints my closet is all colors I have more problems during winter tho, let’s try to make a balance you more prints on spring and me more blacks on winter 🙂


    • Absolutely Ana! after all, whether you are a color type or a monochrome type, it takes what it takes to go the extra mile to go on the other side!!:-)
      Thanks for stopping by ! 🙂

  4. Hello again!
    I’m stopping by to let you know I tag you on a game 🙂 waiting to see a new post!


    • Mireille Says: April 21, 2015 at 3:04 pm

      Hey Ana! nice to see you again here!
      Just read your new post and posted a comment:-).
      Also released a new post today!
      Have a lovely day 🙂 xo

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